Remember the days gone by

We must pray with confidence; we must never pray and wait or pray in despair.  In Hebrews 10:32 ” But call to remember once the former days, in which after he were illuminated, ye endorse a great fight of affliction.”. This was written for those so discouraged and tempted to give up.  “Illuminated  is Greek for “photido” which means to light up, to shine, to make visable.  It is also used to remind people to put hardships and doubt on pause.  To be illuminated you feel a presence, such as a light turning on.  When you feel down and out, or not getting answers put things on hold and take the time to pray more and seek aswers or guidance.  You must remind youself to quite your mind so that you may recieve the messege that God has for you.

In Hebrews 10:32 “But call to rememberance the former days, after ye were illuminated.  We are to look at the words  “former days” ; former day is also knownin Greek for “proteron” and points back to the days when people first meet the Lord with joy, hope, and faith.  So in turn when you feel down or discouraged remember the early experiences that the people had with the Lord.  Remember the strength, the trust, the love that they had for our Lord.

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